A Message from Kym

Kym Pine for Mayor of Honolulu 2020

I am so proud to officially become your candidate for mayor, for the City and County of Honolulu. I am honored to have the support of my family, friends, local business owners, government workers, community leaders and my campaign team.

I come before you as many things. I am the granddaughter of Filipino immigrants. I am a woman born and raised on O’ahu. I am an elected city councilmember. I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend.

We feel vulnerable right now. Our city faces many challenges.

It has always been my mission as a leader to fight for the vulnerable – the working class – the marginalized.

When I first ran for office, it was because crime had taken over my community so I stepped up to take back the neighborhoods.

Then, I ran for the state house and immediately got to work to support our veterans, our kupuna, our schools and our West O‘ahu residents. It was shortly after 9/11 and we faced a lot of uncertainty.

I wasn’t afraid then, and I am not afraid now. 

The truth is, I am the only candidate with the compassion and the experience necessary to lead the City and County through these turbulent times.

I am the only candidate with the courage to make the tough decisions that will balance our city budget and improve city services.

Right now, our families need a mayor they can trust – A mayor who will get right to work.

These are just some of the things I want to achieve as Mayor:

  • A City of economic prosperity and job growth.
  • New, sustainable economic model independent from tourism.
  • City leaders that work with integrity and transparency.
  • Beautiful and usable parks and beaches.
  • Clean streets, sidewalks and neighborhoods.
  • Safer streets we can walk without fear.
  • Coastlines, habitats and wildlife that can heal.
  • A City that tackles homelessness with compassion, counseling, recovery and housing.
  • A City that considers diverse cultures and the Aloha spirit in all decisions.

At the City Council my priority was truly affordable housing for our working families. I led the Council effort to move beyond our economic dependence on tourism to provide long lasting economic stability. I was first in the Council to pass legislation to promote culturally and environmentally responsible tourism.

I see opportunity for change. Our children can build a life here and stay here.

So, I ask you to join me. We can change this together. Please contact us to schedule a talk story today!

With Aloha,