Kym Pine Leads 2020 Mayoral Race in Fundraising

Pine Boasts Most Spending Money and Zero Debts or Loans

Mayoral Candidate and incumbent Councilmember, Kym Pine, surpasses all other candidates in campaign fundraising dollars and financial stability.

To date, Pine raised a total of $766,806.27 for her mayoral race and has no unpaid expenditures and no debts. The next leading fundraiser, Keith Amemiya, ($740,222.95) donated $200,000 of his own money to his campaign and has unpaid expenditures of $151,373.90 and is in debt $351,373.90.

So far, Pine leads with $607,124.95 in cash to spend for the 2020 primary race in August. Other candidates interested in the race have less spending money. Amemiya has $360,271.59 surplus cash, Colleen Hanabusa has $258,977.00, Charles Djou has zero ($0) dollars available and Mufi Hanneman has a deficit (-$1,060.78).

 “My team and I focused on fundraising early so we could spend the rest of the year talking story with the people and building a grassroots team in each neighborhood,” Pine said. “We recruited a highly experienced and multi-talented team. While I am proud of our financial success so far, we must still focus on fundraising.” 

Summary of Hawaii Campaign Spending Reports-Office of the Mayor, City and County of Honolulu

Kym Pine
Total Contributions Raised – $766,806.27
Loans- $0
Unpaid Expenditures-$0
Debts Owed-$0
Surplus Cash Available-$607,124.95

Keith Amemiya
Total Contributions Raised -$740,222.95
Unpaid Expenditures-$151,373.90
Debts Owed-$351,373.90
Surplus Cash Available-$360,271.59

Colleen Hanabusa

Total Contributions Raised -$305,051.17
Unpaid Expenditures-$0
Debts Owed-$0
Surplus Cash Available-$258,977.00

Charles Djou
Total Contributions Raised – $11,301.54
Unpaid Expenditures-$0
Debts Owed-$0
Surplus Cash Available-$0

Mufi Hannemann
Total Contributions Raised – $6,500
Unpaid Expenditures-$63,203.59
Debts Owed-$114,503.59
Surplus Cash Available-  (-$1,060)

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